Ethereum 2.0

Rewards Calculator

This calculator projects potential rewards from the amount of ETH you plan to stake.

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  • Reward rates will differ depending on how much of the network is being staked.
  • Slashings have not been taken into account.
  • Inactivity leaks, which kick in after the network fails to reach finality for 4 consecutive epochs, have not been taken into account.
  • Block proposer rewards will depend on how many attestations are included in the proposed block. For simplicity, we assume that the block proposers include an equal number of attestations in a given epoch.
  • Validators will receive slightly less rewards for getting their attestations included late. For simplicity, we assume that none of the attestation inclusions are delayed.

Stake Amount

    Number of Validators
    Total ETH Supply Staked
    Annual Reward Rate
    Current Value of Stake Amount
    Estimated Annual Reward Value
    2.13 ETH
    Estimated Annual Rewards