Blockchain marketer

About this role

As our Blockchain Marketer, you will be working mainly on digital marketing and social media to communicate our products, services, and developments to our users and enthusiasts of the blockchain space. You will also get to touch content creation and work with our graphic designers to create marketing materials that will inspire users in the blockchain space.

What will you do?

  • Be involved in marketing planning and strategy for both short-term and medium-term
  • Research and follow-up on blockchain/crypto trends and make suggestions and initiatives based on that.
  • Take ownership of our social media channels (plan, keep track, post, and manage it)
  • Manage relationship with agencies and other marketing and PR partners
  • Create new content and implement/execute marketing campaigns

What excites us about you?

  • You have at least 5 years of experience in marketing-related roles
  • You have extensive experience with social media and the digital marketing world
  • You are passionate about the future of blockchain and always look for the next trend
  • You think about creative solutions and can also work with product/development teams to implement realistic solutions
  • You are not afraid to initiate new activities and step out of your comfort zone
  • You are comfortable with ambiguity, able to take charge and get things done despite the unknowns

What will be great to have?

  • You are contributing to the open-source community
  • You have working experience in a startup environment
הירשם עכשיו
  • מיקום

  • צוות


למה כדאי להצטרף אלינו אתם שואלים?

אנחנו צוות גלובלי באמת! בצוות שלנו יש חברים מיותר מ12 מדינות שונות ו8 איזורי זמן. יש לנו משימה אחת משותפת - לפעול למען עתיד מבוזר ולתת משמעות מיוחדת לכל משתמשי הקריפטו בהווה ובעתיד.


מחפשים משהו אחר?

אנחנו תמיד שמחים לשמוע מאנשים עם תשוקה לנושא אפילו אם אין לנו כרגע משרות שמתאימות לך. תרגיש חופשי לשלוח לנו אימייל עם הפרטים שלך והמשרה שמעניינת אותך לכתובת [email protected]

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