Edgeware Validator


Validator address
stakefish 01 C2DkAo3fishQUhQU36zePE8ACqg3YzsNMJN6x516p4u53obKqVHB
stakefish 02 C4EfhoBfish3fCr9HSZhPfkjALoWY7kamCh3tDV7hPUr8fWeThJm
stakefish 03 C2tjyiUfishm65B15ADtSu7kPiJfB1Ao66D7M8ih4m5v9Fca1Ap5
stakefish 04 C3ECciRfish7Hmfq4D3vEMuY2bRDkbaFeqML8ZvGAq2Mz8ZZT6yV
stakefish 05 C2ZEhnfishBWF1FNcQy6uWBcziJzr8pHRew5kuCSUoVCz5szP6cS
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Edgeware is a self-upgrading WASM smart contract platform. Edgeware launched on September 15, 2019. To learn more, please see their whitepaper.

Expected reward rate




Payout frequency

Every era (~6 hours)

Unbonding period

28 eras (~7 days)

Edgeware is a self-upgrading WASM smart contract platform built on Substrate. It will be the first smart contract chain to go live on Polkadot. We are excited to support projects building on top of Substrate. We will support Edgeware as a solo chain now and when it connects to Polkadot as a parachain.

Frequently Asked Question

Here are answers to some of the questions our community has asked us. Get in touch if there’s more you would like to know.

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If you have any questions about staking or our validator services, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are happy to talk with anyone and help navigate community members through this exciting new ecosystem.