The Graph Network Indexer

Expected Reward Rate
3% – 5%
Payout Frequency
Approximately 24 hours
Unbonding Period
28 days
Indexer Address

The Graph is a decentralized query protocol for blockchain data. Data query efficiency is achieved through a p2p network of indexers quality checked through incentivization and staking guarantees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the questions our community has asked us. Get in touch if there’s more you would like to know.

The Graph is a decentralized query protocol for blockchain data. By using The Graph, developers (and anyone interested in ready access to blockchain-based data) can query a p2p network of indexing nodes using GraphQL. The Graph wants to continue pushing for full-stack decentralization by contributing robust data query APIs for decentralized applications. To learn more, please see their deep dive posts deep dive part 1 and deep dive part 2.

Indexers (us!) run The Graph nodes. Delegators (you!) can delegate GRT to Indexers (us!) to earn a portion of indexer rewards and fees without needing to run a node. Curators signal which subgraphs (data to be indexed by Indexers) they think are worthy of indexing and which are of quality by depositing GRT to specific curation markets in their predictions of which subgraphs will be valuable to the network. Consumers use GRT to pay Indexers for queries on blockchain data.

By delegating GRT, you can earn a portion of the rewards and fees that an Indexer (us!) gets from running the proper infrastructure (nodes) and blockchain data extraction.

When first delegating GRT, 0.5% of the GRT you delegate will be automatically burned by the protocol.

You are not relinquishing your ownership of GRT by delegating. Although your delegations will leave your wallet and be entered into the appropriate smart contracts for staking, as an Indexer, stakefish will never have the ability to move your GRT.

Each Indexer currently has a delegation ratio of 16. This means that if we (the Indexer) have staked 1,000 of our own GRT, our delegation capacity is 16,000 – meaning we can take on 16,000 GRT in delegations. Any delegation amount over the capacity will dilute delegator rewards. Being below this capacity ensures the most efficient rewards schedule for both delegators and Indexers!

stakefish will receive 10% of the Indexer rewards and querying fees. For example, if our Indexer receives 100 GRT in total from the rewards and fees, stakefish will receive 10 GRT while the delegator will get 90 GRT.

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If you have any questions about staking or our validator services, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are happy to talk with anyone and help navigate community members through this exciting new ecosystem.

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