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What is

Ethereum 2.0?


Ethereum 2.0 is an ambitious multi-year network upgrade of Ethereum that will achieve better scalability, security and decentralization. Take a read through the design goals outlined in Ethereum 2.0’s official spec or Vitalik’s write-up on Serenity’s design rationale to learn more about the guiding principles of Ethereum 2.0's design.

In the upcoming Phase 0 of Ethereum 2.0, the Beacon Chain will be launched. The Beacon Chain relies on Proof of Stake for network security. Anyone with 32 ETH can participate as a validator and receive rewards for contributing to Ethereum 2.0’s security. Learn more about Ethereum 2.0 in our beginner's guide.

Ethereum 2.0

Rewards Calculator

This calculator projects potential rewards from the amount of ETH you plan to stake.

Show Calculator Assumptions
  • Reward rates will differ depending on how much of the network is being staked.
  • Slashings have not been taken into account.
  • Inactivity leaks, which kick in after the network fails to reach finality for 4 consecutive epochs, have not been taken into account.
  • Block proposer rewards will depend on how many attestations are included in the proposed block. For simplicity, we assume that the block proposers include an equal number of attestations in a given epoch.
  • Validators will receive slightly less rewards for getting their attestations included late. For simplicity, we assume that none of the attestation inclusions are delayed.

Enter the Amount You Are Staking

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    Estimated Annual Reward Value
    2.13 ETH
    Estimated Annual Rewards
    Provided by the Beacon Chain

    Pyrmont testnet

    Not ready to stake on mainnet yet? If you want to test out running Eth2 validators using stakefish, you are welcome to try using the latest testnet staking service. The steps required to complete your validator setup are identical to the ones for mainnet. This is a great way to familiarize yourself with staking on Ethereum 2.0.

    Use Pyrmont


    What is Ethereum 2.0?
    What is Ethereum 2.0?

    Ethereum 2.0 is an ambitious multi-year network upgrade of Ethereum. The upgrade is intended to achieve better scalability, security and decentralization of Ethereum 2.0. For more information, please see this explainer we have put together.

    What is Phase 0?
    What is Phase 0?

    Phase 0 marks the beginning of Ethereum 2.0. The Beacon Chain, a Proof of Stake blockchain, will be launched with Phase 0. Users will be able to move their ETH from the current Ethereum blockchain to the Beacon Chain to start staking.

    What is Proof of Stake?
    What is Proof of Stake?

    Proof of Stake has validators instead of miners to propose and finalize blocks on a blockchain. Rewards are distributed to honest validators, while those who act maliciously will be penalized.

    What is staking?
    What is staking?

    In order to participate as a validator, you need to have at least 32 ETH deposited on your validator account. The act of locking up 32 ETH and validating to receive rewards is called staking.

    What are the risks of staking?
    What are the risks of staking?

    The Beacon Chain will slash validators that act maliciously. The network will also penalize validators who are offline for a sustained amount of time.

    Additionally, ETH locked in staking cannot be withdrawn until at least Phase 2.