Treasury managers

Whether you're running a crypto fund or a DAO, you can generate steady income from staking. How can you ensure it's done securely?

Reasons to integrate with stakefish

Dashboard staking that scales to 1000’s of validators

Our product is built to stake, claim, and exit rewards for fraction of gas cost of competitors.

Dashboard staking that scales to 1000’s of validatorsDashboard staking that scales to 1000’s of validators
Safe Multisig Wallet support

We empower your team, and organization to stake, and get rewards directly with Multisig wallet safely & securely!

Safe <span class='text-marker'>Multisig</span> Wallet supportSafe <span class='text-marker'>Multisig</span> Wallet support
Enterprise grade, SOC 2 compliant

World-class infrastructure. 100% participation. Zero slashing. Maximum rewards. Only the best.

Enterprise grade, SOC 2 compliantEnterprise grade, SOC 2 compliant
Rewards reporting

Get fee/mev, and daily protocol rewards from the dashboard across thousands of validators.

Rewards reportingRewards reporting

Featured showcase

Learn Safe
Gnosis Safe

Gnosis Safe is a smart contract multi-sig wallet running on Ethereum that requires a minimum number of people to approve a transaction before it can occur. This added layer of security helps to protect against the loss or theft of funds. Gnosis Safes are commonly used to manage pooled DAO funds. stakefish provides native support for Gnosis Safe to stake, and unstake with multiple signers. Perfect for DAO, and treasury managers.

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Mantle, formerly BitDAO, launched Mantle LSD and chose stakefish as its staking partner. Mantle LSD is an ETH liquid staking derivative governed by Mantle. Deposit ETH, and receive the yield-bearing mETH that can be utilized across a range of applications.

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