Wallets are the entry point for users to staking crypto assets. Discover novel ways to integrate staking service into your platform, grow, and retain your user base.

Reasons to integrate stakefish

Trusted validator
Integrate with familiar and trusted brand in staking.
Enterprise Ready SOC 2
Benefit from SOC 2 compliant staking provider, with world class infrastructure.
Customized Solution
We know staking, and our engineers are ready to help you integrate with your platform.

Featured showcase

Visit Keplr

Stakefish operated Cosmos validator early in its infancy in testnet back in 2020. Through our new grant program to benefit Cosmos, we granted the development of Kepr, the Cosmos/Interchain wallet. From humble beginnings, today Keplr boasts more than 900k installs and the top wallet in the Cosmos ecosystem.

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