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Build DeFi with our API, and NFT product

Build DeFi with our API, and NFT productBuild DeFi with our API, and NFT product
Build liquid staking

Build innovative liquid staking products at scale by leveraging our enterprise grade, SOC 2 infrastructure.

Build liquid stakingBuild liquid staking
Operate validators

Boost your blockchain security, adoption, and decentralization with a trusted validator operator.

Operate validatorsOperate validators
Operate oracle, ZKP nodes

Oracle are vital for smart contracts by providing real world data. It is crucial for applications to have accurate external data.

Operate oracle, ZKP nodesOperate oracle, ZKP nodes

Featured showcase


In January 2021, stakefish became a founding member of LIDO DAO, a node operator, and oracle for LIDO, which is a liquid staking pool protocol. Today LIDO is the most dominant LSD protocol with over 31% market share (~$15bil in TVL) in Ethereum staking.


As one of the first networks to allow the integration of off-chain data to smart contracts, Chainlink aims to be the foundational infrastructure for the smart contract economy and the industry standard for oracle networks. Chainlink has enabled over $6.4 trillion in transactional value across Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, and 12 other blockchain networks.

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