Cosmos EcosystemCosmos Ecosystem

We guard and support the Cosmos Ecosystem

Since the genesis of the Cosmos blockchain, we validate and innovate within the ecosystem.
We know staking.

$71M Cosmos Staked Value

8 chains on

Funding new Cosmos projects to support Cosmos ecosystem projects is a validator operated by stakefish and acts as a funding catalyst for current and new Cosmos ecosystem projects.

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ATOM staked with validatorATOM staked with validator

ATOM staked with validator

stakefish, The Interchain Foundation and the general public stake their ATOM with the validator, entrusting their support to strengthen the Cosmos ecosystem.

100% fee collection for full support100% fee collection for full support

100% fee collection for full support

The validator collects 100% of the fees generated, ensuring that projects within the Cosmos ecosystem receive full support.

Funding innovation and growthFunding innovation and growth

Funding innovation and growth

The validator-rewards enable funding for new and existing projects, fostering innovation and growth in the Cosmos community.

stakefish is winner of the <br />Cosmos Game of Stakes

stakefish is winner of the
Cosmos Game of Stakes

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The Cosmos Game of Stakes is the first and largest testnet-competition for validators to participate and stress-test the Cosmos network.

We showcased our resilience against adversarial challenges and our strategic approach led to a valuable sybil attack test, contributing to network excellence.

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