Ethereum staking

Classic staking

Zero contract risks and complete control over the withdrawal address. This is what it means to Stake. Earn. Relax.

Classic stakingClassic stakingClassic stakingClassic staking


Native Staking
Zero contract risk. Maximize your yield. Receive rewards directly from the network. Simply stake your ETH, earn rewards, and be part of the decentralized future.
Native StakingNative StakingNative StakingNative Staking
Staking dashboard
Stay on top of your all your validators and rewards. Easily monitor staking activities, track, and claim rewards. We prioritize transparency, ensuring real-time insights about your validators.
Staking dashboardStaking dashboardStaking dashboardStaking dashboard
Fee/MEV Smoothing Pool
Our smoothing pool maximizes your execution layer rewards, boosting yields by 50%. Rather than paying a staking commission on protocol rewards, fees are only taken from the fee/MEV smoothing pool — setting a new benchmark for non-custodial and transparent staking.
Fee/MEV Smoothing PoolFee/MEV Smoothing PoolFee/MEV Smoothing PoolFee/MEV Smoothing Pool
Automatic Consensus Rewards
Control your withdrawal credentials. Consensus rewards are paid to your withdrawal address from the network. Earn and relax.
Automatic Consensus RewardsAutomatic Consensus RewardsAutomatic Consensus RewardsAutomatic Consensus Rewards
Enterprise grade, SOC 2 compliant
World-class infrastructure. 100% participation. Zero slashing. Maximum rewards. Only the best.
Enterprise grade, SOC 2 compliantEnterprise grade, SOC 2 compliantEnterprise grade, SOC 2 compliantEnterprise grade, SOC 2 compliant
Zero Protocol Fees
Earn more. Pay nothing. Our commitment to zero protocol fees means you enjoy the full benefits of your staking efforts.
Zero Protocol FeesZero Protocol FeesZero Protocol FeesZero Protocol Fees


First staked
449,216 ETH
Collected fee/MEV pool
7,148 ETH

Rewards calculator

32 ETH
Protocol rewards per week
0.019985548 ETH
2.85% APR
Tip/MEV pool earnings per week
0.004487866 ETH
0.73% APR
Protocol rewards commission
Tip/MEV rewards commission
Total Rewards
3.58% APR

Rewards are based on average of all validators at stakefish. Actual rewards may differ depending on network inflation, attestation, performance, and statistical smoothing.

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Stake 32 ETH

Which staking product suits you best?

Classic staking

  • Dashboard access

  • Native staking

  • Fee/MEV fee pool

  • Low fees

  • Suitable for many validators

NFT staking

  • Dashboard access

  • Fee/MEV fee pool

  • NFT controls validator

  • Transfer ownership

  • Collateralize staking position

  • Buy/sell to exit without unbonding period

Frequently Asked Question

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